g0lde asked:

Could it be that the bad guys are really the good guys? Maybe their not really trying to kill Korra. I feel like this season's is really showing who you really have to trust in order to get by, and its not the obvious choices. Sorry if that was a little messy or hard to understand lol.

No, I feel you. The Red Lotus has been characterized so that you do generally like them. I mean, you do like them, right? Even after all they’ve done? I know I do. Zaheer is a little extreme, but I enjoy Ghazan and Ming-Hua, and P’li is an uber mysterious BAMF. They’re simply antagonists because they have an opposing agenda from Korra and crew. I wouldn’t say they’re the good guys, but I wouldn’t say they’re bad guys either. I do think they will end up helping Korra in some way in the end.



Preview clip from “The Ultimatum” [x].